Goodbye Lang’s Cafe

The Stokes Block was Constructed between 1905-1907 and started out as a commercial apartment building.

In 1920 it was succeeded by various Chinese merchants and restaurateurs. One of the most well-known was Yick Lee Lung Company general store, which opened in 1928. and would later become a confectionery until 1974. The building was occupied by Lang’s Cafe until April 4th, 2018 when it caught ablaze and burned to the ground.

It’s always a loss when we lose the tangible essence of our historic past.

This building is significant as a representation of Regina’s multicultural settlement and of the experiences of our Chinese-Canadian communities and how they contributed to our history.

There are countless untold tales and celebrations that lie within our city, buildings and the people that built them that have shaped the course of history in Regina.

With images by The Leader-Post and CTV Regina


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