FEBRUARY 11 @ 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

February 11th Saturday @ 1:00PM
FROST Downtown Hub: 12th Ave., The Big White Tent

Frank Lloyd Wright is considered the greatest American architect of all time. His concepts changed the way we live and build. The cold Wisconsin winters and the flat landscape of the American Midwest impacted his design philosophy and the many buildings he designed. Join lecturer John Robinson as he tells the history of a brilliant architectural career through stories, drawings, and photos.

Burns Hanley Update

Heritage Regina does not support the request for demolition and feels it undermines the intention of the Municipal Heritage Conservation District in which the Burns Hanley is located.

The Burns Hanley Building is in a designated Heritage District which obligates the owner to care for the building. Heritage Regina contends that they have failed to do so due to future plans for redevelopment that have yet to be reviewed or approved. Heritage Regina is concerned that the interim plan still includes demolition with only a promise to build back a part of the facade sometime in the future. Their “conservation” proposal for this site does not fit with standards and guidelines and there are no municipal mechanisms to ensure reconstruction of the facade in the future.

In the end, Regina City Council did approve the request for demolition of the site with a promise from Harvard to store building materials and build back sometime in the future. Time will only tell.

Catalogue Homes: “Kit Homes’ that Built the Prairies – Online Lecture

Join Heritage Regina board member John Robinson for an online lecture that takes us back to a time when mail-order homes were shipped thousands of miles by rail to the Prairies and assembled by local labour.

Community Character (Lakeview & Cathedral)

Specifically targeted to residents of Lakeview and Cathedral, the aim of the City of Regina’s Community Character project is to clarify the goals of character conservation in these neighbourhoods and develop potential regulatory tools that may help maintain it into the future.

Several virtual workshops have been held with residents over the past two months. Visit the Community Character page on Be Heard Regina to review learning resources and updates on the project.   

Conservation Program Review

Donald Luxton & Associates completed a review of the City of Regina’s Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program and identified opportunities to encourage conservation, support neighbourhood character and promote greater public appreciation of heritage properties.

Visit Be Heard Regina to read the recommendations in the consultant’s report, results of the Heritage Conservation Survey from December and related information.  


Heritage Regina’s tours are a great way to learn more about the city and meet new people!

The lecture series provides valuable resource for those interested in our built heritage.

Being somewhat new to Regina, Heritage Regina has been a great way to learn about Regina
through their lecture series. I really enjoy attending lectures because they not only show the
knowledge and expertise people have about certain topics but they also show the passion people
have for the city and its history.

Learning about the history of where are live helps me understand my place within it. Whether visible or not – since much of history focused upon Euro-Canadian settlers. It also provides with greater connection of the city around me.

The lecture series have become a fun evening out where we get to learn more about the richness of our city’s history! Can’t wait for the 2018 series!

Even if you are familiar with the topic, there is always something new to learn or new people to meet with a similar interest.

Heritage Regina’s Lecture Series is popular, relevant, and fun! I look forward to the series every year!

It is like having a window opened to our past, both by visual props, and by interesting, sometimes poignant stories.

Makes a great date night for history lovers.

The Spanish Flu presentation was very informative and the format and dramatic ending was extremely powerful.

The lecture series have become a fun evening out where we get to learn more about the richness of our city’s history!

It is like having a window opened to our past, both by visual props and by interesting, sometimes poignant stories.

I thoroughly enjoyed the stained-glass workshop I attended through Heritage Regina. The class was a great way to be introduced to and to learn stained-glass techniques. It was a fun and relaxed environment and I came home with a finished work of art at the end if the day.

As a Saskatchewan History enthusiast I eagerly look forward to the Heritage Regina lectures and events. History is important and essential to all of us because it shows how our communities have changed over time. The presentations are well researched, factual, professionally presented, interesting and engaging. Funding agencies take note, you will have to look hard to find more bounce for the ounce.

As a historian and a long-time resident of the historic Cathedral area, I am passionate about Regina’s heritage. The lectures I’ve attended are excellent; they are interesting and engaging. Heritage Regina is proving an excellent community service through these lectures.

Welcome to Heritage Regina

Heritage Regina was founded in 1977 by local residents anxious to preserve the historic buildings and sites that are part of our collective memory as a city.

While building partnerships with the City of Regina, Heritage Saskatchewan, Regina Downtown Business Improvement District, the Civic Museum and others, Heritage Regina works to raise awareness and appreciation for the value of heritage and its importance for sustaining the culture and identity of the city.

Our advocacy work helps to ensure that buildings and sites of heritage and/or architectural significance are protected and preserved. Our Liaison Committee meets regularly with the City Heritage Branch and board members participate in community consultations on items like Infill Housing Guidelines and the restoration of Confederation Park. Members will also lobby the city in support of alternatives for significant heritage buildings at risk.

Stewardship work includes providing expertise on building materials, site line conservation and building design. Evidence of this work can be seen on at the Diocese of Qu’Appelle site and on the Normal School Building (Sound Stage). Heritage Regina members also assist with research to support applications for Heritage Status.

Our education programming, including summer walking tours and the Winter Lecture Series, are designed to not only inform the public but to build the next generation of Heritage advocates. Heritage Regina’s future work includes expanding the knowledge of Intangible Cultural Heritage, revive traditions and experiences of our past and create opportunities to share these in our community.

News & Events

Events may be affected by COVID-19. Please contact the host organizations for information.

What We Do

Building Preservation

We ensure that buildings of heritage and/or architectural significance are protected and preserved.

Awareness and Appreciation

We raise awareness and appreciation of the value of heritage and its importance to sustaining the culture and identity of the city.

Walking Tours

Each year Heritage Regina conducts a number of walking tours of various neighbourhoods and topics throughout the city of Regina.

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