Proposed Redevelopment of the Cook House

 Proposed Redevelopment of the Cook House

(3160 Albert St)

Cook House – photo credit Deirdre Malone

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To ensure that your opinion is considered in this important matter, please complete the City of Regina Proposed Development Comment Form using File # 20202128 .


LINK: City of Regina: Proposed Development Comment Form



Background and Context

The Planning & Development Services Department of the City Planning & Community Development Division has received the below application under the Contract Zone, Street Closure, and Subdivision (consolidation) procedures. This application for the Cook House is a request to amend the Heritage Designation Bylaw (2019-7) is also being reviewed by the City’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Branch.
The applicant proposes to redevelop the property at 3160 Albert Street to accommodate multi-family land uses. The property, also known as the “Cook Residence,” was designated as a Heritage Property on October 29, 2019 (Bylaw No. 2019-7). An amendment to this bylaw is required for the project to proceed. Subsequent alterations, such as repairs, demolitions, or additions to the building may be considered through a Heritage Alteration Permit. Any changes to the property must be consistent with the Heritage Designation Bylaw and the Standards and Guidelines for Conservation of Historic Places in Canada. Key features of the proposed development are as follows:

  • Portions of the existing building would be retained, which includes the front of the building facing Albert Street including the front facing gable, and roof structure, chimneys, and all façade elements. This portion of the building would be relocated on the site to allow for construction of the new foundation and underground garage, and then placed on a new foundation to align with the front setback of the property to the north. The remainder of the existing building would be demolished. (The existing roof structure is shown as being shingled on the attached plan number 2.2; the new roof structure for the addition is shown as being striped.)
  • New additions to the building would include development to the rear and the south side of the retained heritage structure. Development behind the heritage front would be two storeys in height and consist of four residential units to be accessed from the original entry. Development to the south of the heritage structure would be three storeys and consist of 12 residential units to be accessed from three separate common entries from grade.
  • Thirty-four (34) parking stalls are proposed to be accommodated on-site. Twenty-four (24) stalls would be accommodated below grade with an access from the rear alley. Ten (10) stalls would be accessed at surface grade directly from the lane.

This application would remove certain references in the Bylaw that conflict with the proposed redevelopment. Most significantly, references to the sunroom as a heritage defining feature would be removed. References to the “concrete foundation” and “glass bottle bottoms” within the Bylaw are also proposed for removal. City Council’s approval is required to amend the Heritage Designation Bylaw.

A copy of the architectural rendering is attached below.

For 90 years, the Cook Residence has showcased the remarkable architecture of Van Egmond and Storey and the work of their highly skilled craftsmen. It has been home to several community leaders who helped to shape our city. It continues to exemplify the grandeur of the streetscape developed by McCallum, Hill and Co. and is the impressive south entry to the Albert Street corridor leading to the Legislative Building and bordering its spacious grounds.
Erasing its legacy by grossly altering the protected character defining elements of this home severely undermines over a century of effort from hardworking citizens and community-minded visionaries who believed that the city of Regina could be so much more than just a collection of buildings and roadways.

Heritage Regina would like you to add your voice to this discussion on September 16th at 7:00pm.

Your voice counts.
Jackie Schmidt
President, Heritage Regina

LINK: City of Regina: Cook House Development Application Circulation Amendment to designation Sept 2020

Cook House – Proposal Exterior

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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    With the property named “Cook Residence” I’ve been actively seeking information on Cook’s historic contribution to Saskatchewan People and/or Culture and all I can find is that his contribution was merely a transaction in the act of purchasing the original property. If you can provide more information about Mr Cook and historic contribution to this province, I’d appreciate it.
    Secondly, I’m still reading on this page a collection of creative writings which are highly subject in terms of creative embellishments aimed at glorifying this property to a stature of which it has never earned. No disrespect intended to any public service, altruism or other contribution or action any of the previous homeowners may have performed during their tenure while their name was on the deed. While the home does exhibit some unique and quality finish carpentry, I struggle to connect that element as Saskatchewan Heritage.

    Sadly, with economics being what it is and with economics being a key driver in the formula for the restoration of this property, your efforts to prevent this property from re-incarnation may have actually condemned it to a slow and painful death. With that, it is arguable in my opinion, that your organization, while your efforts are founded in altruism and mission, risks defeating it’s own mandate. In my opinion, this is exactly what you’ve done here. They say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions ” and in my opinion, your organization is proving it.

    Thank you

    • Heritage Regina
      Heritage Regina says:

      Thank you for your question to Heritage Regina.
      Heritage Regina does not designate heritage properties, the City of Regina does. Heritage Regina will review the Statement of Significance prepared for a property that is being considered for designation and we will provide feedback on the information that has been prepared. Statements of Significance are prepared by staff with the City or by 3rd parties who have been contracted for this work. If Heritage Regina agrees with the assessment and supports the request for designation we will publicly support the recommendation.

      Once a property is designated, we will weigh-in on any proposals for demolition, redevelopment or alteration of a heritage property. The City of Regina has adopted the Standards and Guidelines for Heritage Restoration in Canada as the guide for any owner wanting to make changes to a designated property. As publicly stated, Heritage Regina is not opposed to redevelopment of the Cook House, we opposed the most recent proposal submitted.

      For details regarding the historical information used to recommend the Cook House for designation, please contact the City of Regina.


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