You Could Take Home Our Homestead Shack!

Thank you to everyone who submitted bids! We have contacted the winning bidder – congratulations!

We are auctioning off our homestead shack! With no place to store this amazing piece, it can be yours! The auction is open from February 22 – March 2, closing at 10am. This auction is a blind auction, so make your bids accordingly! The homestead shack is valued at around $3000. Place your bid using the form at the bottom of the page.

If you made it to Frost Regina’s Downtown Hub back in January, or joined us for our presentation of “The Robinson Homestead” lecture, you likely would have seen our homestead shack. The structure is a replica of the original homestead shack built by brothers John and Frank Robinson, using only 1910s-era tools, in honour of their grandparents.

Our incredible volunteers, under the direction of John and Frank, built this replica (using power tools) in just one day! John is an architectural designer, and owner of Robinson Residential in Regina.

Now that Frost is finished, we are auctioning off the homestead shack! This 8 x 10 building would make a fantastic shed, backyard office or hobby-house, or a bunkhouse! The roof of the shack is made of weatherproof, asphalt roll roofing. Eventually, it’s suggested that the shed would have tar paper and/or siding of some kind. (If you have any questions, you can reach us at

The proceeds from the auction will go towards Heritage Regina’s programming and operations. This is used for events such as our winter lecture series and summer walking tours, pop-up exhibits (like this homestead shack!), research and advocacy on behalf of heritage spaces in Regina, and more.

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