Henderson’s Directories Extracts: 1916-2000

Evolution of Simpson’s as documented in Henderson’s Regina Directories The following entries are taken from Henderson’s Regina Directories.

While the Directories are an excellent source for research information, the data is not always up-to-date or fully accurate, and often entries are a year late, as the annual updates were undertaken before people moved into the premises. New dates are listed below when changes occurred to the directory entry. Some of those revisions likely reflect changes in operation, rebranding of the company name, and mergers. Further research is required to determining exactly when such activities actually took place and what impact they might have had on occupants of the Robert Simpson Company Warehouse and/or Simpson’s other Regina operations. The changing content of those directory advertisement also reflect to some extent the value that the company placed on this form of advertising. By 2000, the last year that the Henderson’s Directories were published in Regina, the entry for the Warehouse was barely noticeable, and in fine print, without any bold print title drawing attention to the company. The following entries are Not to Scale, but are enlarged or reduced in size to make them more suitable for reading.

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