Future of the Bagshaw Residence

The City of Regina has received an application for removal of a residential property located in the Crescents at 56 Angus Crescent from the Heritage Inventory with a demolition permit requested.

Based on the city’s evaluation, it was determined the property be removed from the heritage inventory which would make way for a demolition request to be approved.

For your information, below are links to the letters of response from Heritage Regina, the Cathedral Community Association and the Provincial Heritage Branch of the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport along with the supporting documentation from the City of Regina.

This item will be up for approval at the next meeting of the City of Regina Planning Commission meeting held on August 13th at 4:00pm.

LINK: Response from Heritage Regina

LINK: Bagshaw Residence excerpt from agenda packet

LINK: Complete meeting agenda packet

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  1. Wybo Ottenbreit-Born
    Wybo Ottenbreit-Born says:

    I have often walked by this house since we have moved into the neighbourhood a couple years ago. I find it to be a beautiful house and have been wondering why the house has been left to deteriorate. I am also wondering why someone would buy this house in this neighbourhood without any consideration of the historic and cultural value of this property. There are many new neighbourhoods where someone can build some sort of mcmansion such as in the Complete Neighbourhood or the Prefered Neighbourhoods of Regina. I also have seen some monstrosities that have been built in this neighbourhood that tower beside little homes beside. I find those homes to be an insult to the home and residents who live beside.
    Please reject this application to delist the home from the Heritage Inventory.


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