A thank you from Heritage Regina

Heritage Regina’s College Avenue Campus Salvage Sale – Respecting and Recycling Our Heritage 

Heritage Regina would like to extend our warm thanks to those who contributed to the success of the College Avenue Campus Salvage Sale including: 

  • the University of Regina College Avenue Renewal Project team for facilitating the collection, storing and moving of the auctioned materials; 
  • Harvard Developments Inc. for the generous donation of a facility in which the auction materials were displayed and the auctioned held; 
  • the University of Regina Rams Football Team who donated the much needed manpower to move the auction materials from storage into the auction facility; 
  • McDougall Auctioneers Ltd. for facilitating the auction; and 
  • the Regina and surrounding communities for your support of this project and your continued interest in restoring heritage. 

 The College Avenue Campus (CAC) has a rich history in Regina. Tracing the University of Regina’s roots back to College Avenue, these heritage buildings are an early and exceptional example of Collegiate Gothic architecture in our community.  After more than 100 years of use, these historical buildings were deteriorating and their lack of accessibility made it difficult for all students to access programming. To preserve this historic gem, in 2011, the University of Regina undertook the College Avenue Campus Renewal Project.  All of the work undertaken has been focused on preserving the historic features of the College Building. Where possible, historical items have been salvaged and reused within the revitalized College Building and its new additions. 

To ensure that the materials that could not be repurposed did not end up wasted, the University of Regina and Heritage Regina partnered in a recycle and redistribution project in which these historical items were auctioned off to be reused within the community.  We are happy to report that the auction was very successful in that all materials removed from the CAC were repurposed by the community.  This success would not have been possible without the support of many. 

Proceeds of the auction will help Heritage Regina to continue to offer advocacy and educational programs within the community. 

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