Heritage Regina

We are very honoured and excited to announce that the Downtown Regina Cultural Trailway project has recently won a City of Regina Municipal Heritage award for education.

Launched on Saturday, October 1st (during Culture Days 2016) the Downtown Regina Cultural Trailway highlighted the significant cultural and heritage events that transpired in Regina over the course of the past 130 years.

Downtown Regina is home to events that shook the country to its core and altered the course of Canadian history. It is home to buildings influenced by architectural styles that originated on the other side of the world.  People who were changemakers in our nation’s history called Regina home and left their mark on the world.  Most importantly, it is home to local stories waiting to be discovered.   The Cultural Trailway told thirteen unique stories that included locations such as The Leader Building, Union Station and St. Paul’s Cathedral, people such as Louis Riel and significant events such as The Regina Tornado and The Regina Riot.

This project was completed in partnership with Heritage Regina, with research support being provided by William Brennan, Margaret Hryniuk, Frank Korvemaker and Jackie Schmidt and a dedicated Regina Downtown research and design team that included Kent Evans, Dana James and Sheila Farnell.  These combined efforts resulted in three guided Trailway tours, the creation of an informative (and stunning) brochure plus a mobile friendly audio tour option.

“A community’s heritage is inherent in its future.  To really understand where you are headed, you need to know where you came from” notes RDBID Executive Director Judith Veresuk. “It was this thought that spurred the creation of the Downtown Regina Cultural Trailway”.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to our project funders – the Government of Saskatchewan’s Main Street Saskatchewan Program, the City of Regina, the Government of Canada through the Young Canada Works program and Harvard Developments, Inc.

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** Download the izi.Travel app and take an audio walking tour of the Downtown Regina Cultural Trailway **