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The Canadian Pacific Railway and the Founding of Regina

The founding of Regina in 1882 followed a pattern that dates back to the earliest days of European settlement in North America: the creation of towns (and future cities in some cases) by an individual or some organized body, rather than by the settlers when they arrived. In Regina’s case it was the Canadian Pacific Railway that founded our city.

So why was Regina located on a flat and cheerless plain, with a small meandering creek its only visible water supply?  

When the CPR laid out the townsite why did it make the streets so narrow and the lots so small?

And with so little natural beauty, why was Regina chosen to become the capital of the North-West Territories?


On January 24, Dr. Bill Brennan will explain how Regina came to be.


Bill has written the most detailed history of our city: Regina: An Illustrated History. He has also published articles about Regina in scholarly journals such as Prairie Forum, Saskatchewan History and the Urban History Review.


Refreshments will be provided. A $10 suggested donation to Heritage Regina goes towards the promotion and preservation of heritage in your community.