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Collegiate Gothic Architecture in Regina

Join James Youck during Heritage Week as he presents a brief history of the College Avenue Campus, and a more detailed description of how this rich sociological and architectural history embodied by Collegiate Gothic style affect the design process for the College Avenue Campus Renewal. The challenge of renovation, restoration, and addition to the heritage campus in a modern context will be presented. An overview of the analysis of the site and existing architecture will be reviewed in the context of the strategies, interpretation, and solutions arrived at by the design team.
James Youck is an Architect and Principal at the P3Architecture Partnership (P3A). James is a graduate of the Carleton School of Architecture and holds a second degree in the History of Art and Architecture from the University of Saskatchewan. He is the Design Director for the College Avenue Campus project and is responsible for coordination of the design for the CAC Renewal.
P3A are leading a team that includes experts in heritage restoration including Donald Luxton and Associates.
Refreshments provided. A $10 suggested donation to Heritage Regina goes towards the promotion and preservation of heritage in your community.