Welcome to Heritage Regina

Heritage Regina was founded in 1977 by local residents anxious to preserve the historic buildings and sites that are part of our collective memory as a city.

Through our long standing partnership with City of Regina’s Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC) we have worked to ensure that buildings and sites of heritage and/or architectural significance are protected and preserved. Heritage Regina consults with city planners and private architects by providing expertise on building materials, site line conservation and building design. Evidence of this work can be seen on at the diocese of Qu’ Appelle site and on the Normal School Building (Sound Stage).

Heritage Regina Advocacy work includes a Liaison Committee that meets regularly with the City Heritage Branch, and board members participate in community consultations on items like Infill Housing Guidelines and Restoration of Confederation Park .Heritage Regina members assist with research to support applications for Heritage status and will lobby the city to prevent demolition of significate heritage buildings.

Our education programs provide walking tours and speakers designed to not only inform the public but to build the next generation of Heritage advocates.

What We Do

Building Preservation

We ensure that buildings of heritage and/or architectural significance are protected and preserved.

Awareness and Appreciation

We raise awareness and appreciation of the value of heritage and its importance to sustaining the culture and identity of the city.

Walking Tours

Each year Heritage Regina conducts a number of walking tours of various neighbourhoods and topics throughout the city of Regina.

Funders and Partners